Thermal Flow Meter

Main features

Small size, light and simple structure
No moving parts
Low load loss
High accuracy
Wide measuring range.
Damping adjustment
LED backlit LCD display
Alternating current or direct current supply. Therefore, it can be powered by (85 to 230) VAC or by a 24 VDC source
Standard analog output (4-20) mA DC.
Modbus RS485 Communication
Two contact outputs
Pulse output (0 to 5000) Hz
Installation by insertion in pipes
Integral (standard) or remote electronic indication.
Applications in several areas such as petrochemicals, chemical industries, pharmaceutical industries, thermal plants, environmental protection, among others.
Accuracy of 1% RD (instantaneous flow).
Repeatability +/- 0.2% Fs
High Rangeability 1000: 1,
Measurement capacity for low and high flow rates in the same flow meter.
No moving parts.
Low maintenance index.
Economical for large pipes, availability of installation with hot tap system.
Low installation cost.
Low replacement rate and longer time between recalibrations.
Start-up “plug in play”, at no additional cost with start-up acquisitions.
* Natural Gas, reception of gas from the distributor at the entrance of the factory and internal branches such as burners and gas boiler.
* Compressed Air System.
* ETE Aeration System, indication and control of compressed air consumption in the ETE oxygenation system, improving the quality of the water that returns to the environment.
* Nitrogen
* Argon
* Oxygen
* Carbon dioxide
* Manufacture of metal such as steel, iron, etc.

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