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In cold fluid applications, special sensors and special cables can be needed. The sensor impedance doubles with each decrease of 8 ° C (and vice versa), in low temperature there is little signal coming from the sensor.

With the increased speed of modern paper machines, open draws are more often replaced by closed draws - the web of the paper works on the top of yarn or felt. These fabrics visualize different colors, the contaminants of the paper change the surface.

The basic design of rotating consistency transmitters has remained the same over 40 years. The structure contains a squirrel cage motor which rotates a sensing element inside a process pipe through a drive belt. Over that period only electronics has been modernized, partly perforce because of obsolete components, partly to improve performance.

Finland has wide network of suppliers and specialized companies for pulp and paper industry. In addition to process machinery as such, many other process supporting technologies are highly advanced in Finland due to the strong local pulp and paper industry. One of these specialities is consistency measurement, which importance for pulp and paper production cannot be understated.

As one of the main manufacturers of electromagnetic flowmeters on the continent, ENGINSTREL EGNEMATIC, constantly receives inquiries from customers about the ideal grounding and suitable installations for electromagnetic flowmeters.

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