KRT Retention

Retention measurement system for paper machine retention monitoring and control

KPM KRT retention package is applicable for paper and board machines with or without ash addition. All needed hardware is included in the system where separate configuration for headbox and whitewater measurements are available. KPM KRT retention package measures total consistency of the headbox and whitewater sample. Measurement range is 0–1.5% Cs. The sensor measures fibers and particles from 0.01% (100ppm) to 1.5%, (depending on type of stock). The measuring principle is based on the ability of fibers to depolarize light to a much greater degree than denser solid particles.

  • Headbox and whitewater consistency for retention calculation
  • Retention control with white water total consistency
    • MD variation reduction in: 
      - Basis weight 
      - Moisture content 
      - Ash content
    • Chemical use optimization
    • Web break reduction
  • Accessories and configurations for different applications


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