680 Ultrasonic Level and Flow Meter

680 Ultrasonic Level and Flow Meter
ENGINSTREL ENGEMATIC's Model 680 Ultrasonic level and flow meters are highly accurate and robust for the most adverse processes in the industrial sector.

Extensive calibration adjustment range;

Fast lead time, parts in stock;

Easy installation

Simple Start Up with user friendly software.

Multiple functions, with calculation, control, transmission and other functions.

Participate with multiple removal tanks. Right angle triangle rectangle, rectangular rod, groove, distribution channel, throat channel groove.

Accurate measurement, automatic temperature compensation function, automatic filtration system, strong anti-block.

Accurate measurement in cooler regions with electrical thermal tracking sensor.

With IR remote control, easy to operate.

Large-screen display, dual-line 14-bit LCD (with backlight) LCD, human-machine interface characters.

With RS485 serial communication, the standard MODBUS RTU protocol can communicate with the Ethernet device, PC, PLC and DCS.

It can supply up to 6 relays, it can set the upper and lower limit of alarm and control (instantaneous flow rate and water level), can be configured high, low and fault alarms.

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