Cleaning ring (flushing)

The Stainless Steel Cleaning Ring (SS316) of the EE200 Series, other materials on request, are used to assist in cleaning and sealing the flanged diaphragms, in order to avoid the formation of deposits or blockages in the process connection. The cleaning ring must be fitted between the process flange and the flange of the level transmitter.
Cleaning and Sealing Ring for the diaphragm of Flanged Level Transmitters and cleaning of 2 ”, 3” and 4 ”pipes.
The cleaning rings ENGINSTREL ENGEMATIC Series EEI200 must be used in conjunction with the flange seals, pancake type or traditional diaphragms. The cleaning ring contains two lateral NPT sockets to wash the collected process medium adjacent to the diaphragm seal. The cleaning ring is excellent for use with industry-standard diaphragm seals, when there is great potential for process deposits blocking access to diaphragm measurements. The cleaning ring is designed to be placed between the process flange and the diaphragm seal. The material collected in front of the diaphragm can be washed through the washing holes. The cleaning ring can also be used to depressurize the process.

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