Turbidity Sensor

Optical turbidity and solid content sensor VOD SATRON

Satron VOD transmitters are accurate turbidity sensors, designed for use in various applications
within food & beverage and paper & paper industry. The sensors are designed for inline
measurement and their modular construction offers a high degree of flexibility making them suitable
for various processes and ensuring minimal installation costs. Sensors wetted- (AISI 316, Hastelloy-C,
Titanium), lens- (Quartz, Sapphire, Spinel) and process sealing materials (EPDM, FKM, FFKM) ensure
excellent chemical resistance. Typical applications include filter / clarifier control, "transparent"
interface detection and product / product interface detection (lactose, concentrate) and oil content
of the water.

Satron VOD measurement principle is based on the attenuation of the light intensity in the process
media caused absorption and/or the scattering of substances. Light emitted from the light source
enters the process and passes through the process media and is detected after the optical path by a
hermetically sealed photodiode. The sensors utilize 375-1100nm wavelength for measurement
depending on the measured process media, the measuring range and the optical path. Optical path
dimensioning is used to determine the measurement range, sensitivity and accuracy of
Present day chip technology allows designing compact sensor with extensive memory space to hold
measured values, error messages and calibration and configuration parameters for many months’
period. Sensors are build in with HART protocol data communication, nowadays a standard feature
in instrumentation industry.

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