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ENGINSTREL ENGEMATIC has an air-conditioned flow laboratory with the Inverter system, the latest technology developed in the area of ??air conditioning benefiting nature. We calibrate flow meters between 2.5 mm (1/8 ") to 600 mm (24") in our Calibration Stand. * Consult our deadlines, make your scheduled calibration. * Options for assisted calibration. * Field installation consultancy. * Training on site or in our Laboratory.

Field Calibration

ENGINSTREL ENGEMATIC offers the calibration service on flow meters, at the plant of customers who have little time to process stop or who wish to optimize the time of factory stop, we calibrate meters with diameters from 1 "to 72". Our specialists serve customers who have little maintenance downtime, with this we take our portable bench making it easier for the customer to adjust their flow meters in the field, bringing confidence in meeting the deadline, in addition to the customer being able to monitor the services of most qualified work in the sector.

Flow Meter Maintenance

Enginstrel Engematic performs maintenance on electromagnetic flow meters, mass flow meters, vortex, among others from different manufacturers, with the quality and guarantee of EEI services that guarantee the tranquility of those who trust and use our brand. We have recovered the meter from a simple change of the connection plate to the general renovation (change of coating, coil, electrodes and wiring) with a 1-year warranty. OUR ADVANTAGES * There is no need to purchase a spacing ring; * Lower maintenance cost / new equipment; * Shortest delivery time; * Installation flexibility; * Our converters communicate with tubes from all manufacturers; * Our tubes communicate with converters from all manufacturers; * We are the only ones to coat PFA tubes over 16 ”.

Consultancy for improving meter and analyzer installations

Enginstrel Engematic provides Consulting Engineering services to improve the installations of flow meters and consistency analyzers, pH and other analytical instruments. We have renowned technicians and Engineers in the Instrumentation sector. Count on the company that has more experience in the national market, after all, it has been 44 years of support and tranquility to customers. Services: analysis of improvement of facilities, calculations to improve the efficiency of the units to be measured and controlled, reducing plant losses and bringing great savings in industrial management.

Maintenance on Pressure and Level Transmitters

Enginstrel Engematic performs maintenance on Pressure and Level Transmitters from different manufacturers, we have one of the best deadlines for this maintenance in the national market, warranty of up to 12 months for replaced parts and remote support for the best after sales in the industry.

About Us

The Company Enginstrel Engematic was founded on January 17, 1973 and since then has come revolutionizing the instrumentation industry.

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We have a wide range ofproducts bringing the best solutions on the market.

We have a specialized team to provide services with quality and speed.

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